3 Reasons Why Singapore Residents Install Home Lifts

Not too long ago it was rare to find a lift in a Singapore home except for medical reasons or as conveniences in luxury properties. Today there is a fast-growing demand for residential lift installation in Singapore. Homeowners often consider them conveniences that make life easier. Lifts add a level of security for residents and increase home values.

Lifts Make Homes Safer

Clients still arrange for lift installation in Singapore when they need to accommodate the mobility challenged, but also to protect other residents. Residential lifts make it safer for the elderly to move between floors. They are also ideal for homes with small children who could trip over stair rails and often have difficulty navigating stairs. Lifts eliminate the possibility of anyone falling down stairs. It is also much safer to move heavy items from floor to floor using a lift.

Residential Lifts Increase Home Functionality

Many homeowners install residential lifts in order to make everyday tasks quicker, easier and more convenient. For example, carrying laundry up and down stairs several times a week can be exhausting and time-consuming. Lifts make it possible to move large amounts of laundry between floors in minutes. Bringing in and putting away groceries becomes much simpler. Even awkward items like mattresses or chairs can easily be moved around homes by anyone, since there is no need to figure out how to get items up or down stairs. Homeowners also like the idea of using a lift at the end of a hard day’s work, when the idea of trudging up several flights of stairs is unappealing.

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Stylish Lifts Increase Home Values

Adding a lift to an existing home or including it in new home design can increase property values. Clients who want to add interesting architectural elements often have elegant lifts installed in homes that are under construction. Some choose exterior models that add curb appeal and make it simple to enter homes at any floor. Homeowners can often get top dollar when selling homes with lifts, especially if house hunters are planning ahead for their senior years, when stairs could be a problem.

Today many Singapore homes include indoor or outdoor lifts that accommodate the elderly, very young or mobility challenged. Homeowners also add lifts in order to make homes more functional and to increase property values.