Mono-Pitched Roof: A Design for the Nature Lover

A mono-pitched roof is commonly used by homeowners who wanted to have a single angular roof shape. These roofs are different from the gable type, which is characterized by two faces joining at a ridgeline. Mono-pitched roof patios, also known as skillion patios, shows uniqueness in the sense that they raise the roof high above the property, creating a steep pitch that could be crafted and redesigned in numerous possible ways. It is also designed to suit what the homeowner wanted to do with the property, and once the mono-pitched roof is installed, they have the freedom to renovate or redesign it in any way possible. Mono-pitched roofs have many styles, but there are four which gained the most popular among the homeowners. The first one would be the standard mono-pitched roof patio, which has a design that attaches itself to the side of the property, and it also has an ample space above the gutter. The second one would be the butterfly mono-pitched roof patio that is slanting two faces down going through the central part of the roof. The third one is a reverse mono-pitched roof patio that is raised for a minimum angle, making it look separated from the property. Finally, would be the flyover mono-pitched roof patio, which has similarities with the standard design, and differs only because it is overlapping above the house roof.

Exterior home designers have been advising the homeowners that a mono-pitched roof patio design is a good addition for their homes because it comes with so many advantages. According to the experts, a mono-pitched roof patio uses only the best materials when installing it, and there is a great variety among the materials that can be used. It can benefit the homeowner if there are only limited supplies near their area. Mono-pitched roof patio can also be installed quickly. It can be finished within a day or two, and it is not that complicated. Having a mono-pitched roof patio would also protect the property from extreme weather conditions, and it can also reduce the heat especially during the summer months. More space can also be created by applying a mono-pitched roof patio. The homeowner can accommodate more rooms inside the home with the installation of this roof patio, making it appear larger. Homeowners can also use the spaces created by mono-pitched roof patio for additional rooms, without the need to pay more.

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People who have already installed mono-pitched roof patio on their property are saying that they are satisfied with the results. Most of the homeowners are happy that their homes look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and the design also catches the attention of those who are passing by. It also helps people collect rainwater, recycling fresh water for other uses. It is eco-friendly and maximizes the uses of rainwater. It also provides an unobstructed view for those who live inside the house, while providing more ways on how they can be ventilated inside. The space created can also be used to place solar panels for additional energy.