New Jersey’s Top Ten Furnace Problems

When winter creeps in and cold weather arrives at the door, is when heating mechanical contractors are in high demand. It doesn’t matter if your furnace is in a commercial building or residential structure, all furnaces need regular maintenance and repairs. If you live in Monmouth County and are looking for a heating service Redbank NJ, be sure to click the link at the end of this article if the following issues below cannot be fixed on your own.

Top 10 Furnace Problems

1. Loud Noise: Loud bangs and squeaking sounds are not normal. There is a good chance that it might be due to an air flow restriction or a clogged burner.

2. Frequent Cycling: When a furnace frequently cycles between on-and-off modes there is a good chance that a bad thermostat, clogged filter or an air flow restriction is the cause.

3. Blower Never Shuts Off: The blower not shutting off might be due to a bad limit switch, in which case, you will need a certified mechanical contractor to safely install the new part.

4. Thermostat Malfunctions: Furnaces with a bad thermostat can result in problems with the fan inside the unit and it can affect the comfort level inside your home.

5. The Furnace Doesn’t Generate Enough Heat: If replacing a clogged filter doesn’t fix the problem it could mean that your furnace isn’t big enough to heat the area you are heating.

6. The Furnace Doesn’t Generate Any Heat: Furnaces that don’t generate any heat, could be due to a thermostat setting, a pilot being out, or the power being off from the main grid system.

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7. Electric Ignition Problems: Issues with pilot and ignition controls can mean that no heat at all is being generated. Thermocouple issues, drafts or clogs in the ignition controls could result in the pilot light being out.

8. Dirty Filters: This will make the furnace work a lot harder by having dirty or clogged air filters that will restrict air flow. This could also cause problems with the limit switch that operates the fan.

9. Wear and Tear: This is very typical of older furnaces and it can cause overheating, limited heat, and air flow control problems.

10. Lack of Maintenance: If you do not perform yearly inspections and service, this could lead to a lot of unexpected problems. Performing yearly service maintenance will help your heating system run at maximum performance and it reduces the chances of unneeded repairs, and greatly lowers the odds of something going wrong.

Advise & Tips for DIY Furnace Repair

For some furnaces, it’s as easy as checking the batteries in the thermostat, replacing dead batteries will fix the problem. Check you air filters and make sure they are not clogged and replace them. Make sure your thermostat is in the “mode” cycle when the room temperature is lower than the thermostat setting, and make sure your fan is set on “auto” if you notice the blower is running too much. Furnace problems beyond the basic DIY methods require hiring a trained professional mechanical contractor for safe and reliable furnace repairs.